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What about the part where you discover a feature in the animation program that would have saved you like three hours of work if you had known about it before

It's happened twice now

I actually really like surreal stuff, and i think the direction was sorta fine. A few things that would have REALLY helped. Other than the art, which I hope/assume that's something you're just gonna get better at or maybe you don't have the resources to digitally produce it well, the sound was a big issue. The stock music fit well, but you could have done without a lot of the sound effects, like the 'Awwww' because it took me out of it. Look into audio mixing as well. Put the sound effects/music into something like audacity and mess with the levels so that it's not too shrill and so that it sounds nice.

Wasn't bad. There's a few things i'd suggest though. I felt like you could have pushed the music and sound design further, so it felt less like i was listening to a speech and more like a dramatic monologue.

Also, the point where you added that sad violin bit was a bit jarring, considering most of the music, from what I could tell, was wholly original, unlike that bit with the violin. To be honest, I wasn't laughing for most of it, but some jokes were pretty solid, like the lizard's scream, and the arm falling off at the end.

Cool stuff dude, I'll check out the next thing when it comes out.

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the graphics are cool, and i think the concept is fine, but the action button doesn't really work half the time, and it's also a really awkward place to put it. I'd suggest mapping it to left click if you're gonna use WASD movement.

Honestly I did not have high expectations, but once it got to the labyrinth part, it was really cool seeing all the weird stuff! One sorta big problem (sounds small), is the font. The font completely clashes with the rest of the game. If you could have found or used a font that fit the visuals of the game more, I feel like I would have been more immersed in what was going on.


Fred-Bird responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
These games are made with a minimalist experimental tool called Flicksy - https://candle.itch.io/flicksy - and the font is rather tied to it unfortunately. I might try to see if something can be done, as I've had very similar thoughts, but I do otherwise consider it an acceptable price to pay for one of the most fun tools I've ever used ;3

Fun little time kill, but a respawn/replay button to skip the ball clattering to a halt would have been greatly appreciated. I feel like the ball could be a bit faster too. Good work.

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Lines are sweet.

Really nice color mixing.

WDY25 responds:

Thanks man

Hey dude! Nice to see ya here, I followed you back on tumblr and it's cool to know you're here too! Really like creepy art and stuff.

VonGrimsworth responds:

I am charmed by your loyalty.

I make cartoons with my best friend.


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